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We help food reach people, not the trash.

EatB4 is a data exchange platform that helps useful food reach those in need in larger quantities and at lower cost. Rimi and Toidupank will be among the first to use the application.


How it works

We have connected food donors and food aid recipients to the data platform. Information about donated food is automatically transferred to the Food Bank from grocery store databases. This allows for more efficient logistics planning and eliminates data collection from paper delivery notes.


We have said


Without partners, nothing would work


Who make it work

The idea of EatB4 started in the group work of TalTech’s master’s course and our previous experience and skills have been quadrupled in teamwork.

  • Märt Helmja

    Märt Helmja

  • Kristina Noor

    Kristina Noor

  • Ermo Eero

    Ermo Eero

  • Hannes Krause

    Hannes Krause

Let's collaborate

We seek connections with food donors and food aid recipients, as well as IT companies and marketing agencies and anyone else who wants to contribute to the development of the platform so that we can save even more food.

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